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Unformatted text preview: BRAE 312 HW14 Given: A mercury manometer is connected to a pipeline carrying water at 150 degrees F. The elevation at point B is 2.5 feet above A and the mercury manometer reading is 21.6 inches. The specific gravity of mercury at 150 degrees F is 13.45. V 0 Patm ⎡ ⎤ ⎛ sM ⎞ pA = ⎢γ h + γ ⎜ ⎟ RM ⎥ sF ⎠ ⎝ ⎣ ⎦ Rm B' B C h A SF SM A' Required: a.) what is the p ) pressure in the p p (p ) pipe (psi)? b.) repeat, assuming all temperatures are 68 degrees F. Use specific gravity of mercury = 13.56. ...
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