Free body diagram of abd three force member the

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Unformatted text preview: : (Three-Force member) The reaction at B must pass through E, where D and the 50-lb load intersect. Triangle CFD: tan 3 0.6 5 30.964 6 in. AG 6 1.5 4.5 in. AE Triangle EAD: AE 10 tan GE Triangle EGB: tan GB 3 GE 4.5 33.690 D sin 33.690 50 lb sin 25.346° B 100.2 lb C D 64.8 lb 56.3 31.0 Force triangle B sin120.964 B 100.155 lb D 64.789 lb Chapter 4, Solution 75 Reaction at B must pass through D. tan 7 in. 12 in. 30.256 7 in. 24 in. 16.26 Free-Body Diagram: tan Force triangle Law of sines T sin 59.744 T (sin13.996 ) T (0.24185) T T 72 l...
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