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Unformatted text preview: HW9 - Solution Terry Cooke: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Chapter 4, Solution 55 First note Where T ks k s spring constant elongation of spring l l cos l (1 cos ) cos kl (1 cos ) cos 0: T sin W 0 W 0 T (a) From f.b.d. of collar B or Fy kl (1 cos )sin cos or tan sin W kl (b) For W l k l tan sin 3 lb 6 in. 8 lb/ft 6 in. 12 in./ft 0.5 ft 0.75 3 lb (8 lb/ft)(0.5 ft) 57.957 Solving numerically, or 58.0 Chapter 4, Solution 68 Since CD is a two-force member, the force it exerts on member ABD is directed along DC. Free-Body Diagram of ABD...
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