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film list assignment - Soc 100 Movie Assignment Your...

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Soc 100 Movie Assignment Your assignment is to watch TWO of the following films – one for homework #1 and a different one for homework #2 (see syllabus for due dates). Each is worth up to five points. I will grade based on: how well you show your understanding of the concepts and how they relate to the movie how well you followed instructions grammar, spelling, punctuation Notice that I have written some sociological concepts next to each film title in the list (below). For each assignment, turn in a one-page, double-spaced essay on how those sociological terms apply to that movie (approximately one page – you can go a little under a page or a little over a page, but certainly more than half a page and less than two pages!). Notice I did not say to choose one of the concepts. I expect you to use most or all of the ones I’ve given. Use standard default Microsoft Word settings (approx. 1-1/4” margins, Times New Roman Font ((please use this font – it makes it so much easier for me to grade if they look the same)), size 12). Indent paragraphs, don’t skip a line between paragraphs. Put the film title and YOUR NAME at the top! The assignment is NOT to summarize the plot of the movie, or write a film review. You are to view the film as though you are a sociologist, noting how the film illustrates those concepts. Warning: plagiarism will result in a grade of zero and a call to the dean of students! This is an individual assignment. You are expected to write your own essay. Here’s a suggested process to follow: 1. Choose a movie from the list and get it (from library, rental, pay-per-view, etc). 2. Read or re-read the section or sections of your Henslin textbook that discuss/discusses those concepts (hint: use the book index to find them) BEFORE you watch the movie, so that you understand the concepts first. This will help you take notes. 3. Take notes while you watch the movie.
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film list assignment - Soc 100 Movie Assignment Your...

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