soc 100 online syllabus summer 20100

soc 100 online syllabus summer 20100 - REVISED June 2010...

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REVISED June 2010 1 SYLLABUS INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY SOC 100 (online course) Purdue University Summer 2010 Instructor: Deborah L. Coe, MS Office: Stone 340 Office Hours: by appointment only (I am generally only on campus one day per week this summer, and that day varies) E-mail: This is an introductory/survey course designed to introduce you to the science of studying human society. Think of it as a tour, if you will – like one of those whirlwind trips that whisk you around several countries in a few days. You get a taste of each, but don’t really get to know each one in depth. Hopefully, someday you’ll come back to your favorites and get the depth. But for now, you want the quick tour. Along the way, you will learn to: develop and use a sociological imagination; understand how important culture is to the individual experience; see how we learn how to behave within our own cultures; understand how inequality affects lives and why it persists; and explore our most important social institutions and how they affect each other (and us). We will explore some basic sociological theories and attempt to apply them to these various topics. It is my hope that this will help you to better appreciate the tremendous diversity in viewpoints on all subjects related to the human, social experience. Please be aware that you will have to be responsible for making your own appointments to take the exams, whether you take them on campus or whether you find your own proctor to take the exam elsewhere. NOBODY IS GOING TO DO THIS FOR YOU. If you agree to these conditions, you can consider this syllabus your travel contract. (If you can’t see yourself following the syllabus and keeping up with the class on your own, I would recommend dropping the class as soon as possible.) Assuming you choose to travel with us -- Bon voyage!!!! II. – HOW BEST TO CONTACT ME Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Debbie Coe, and I am a full-time Ph.D. student at Purdue University West Lafayette. I generally teach one or two courses per semester. Although my time is somewhat restricted, I do really care about teaching and enjoy it immensely. I will try to serve as your “tour director” for this online course. There will be some time for me to give you a little guidance, but also some time for you to get out and explore a little on your own, too. I divide my time about half and half between teaching and research (I am conducting interviews for my dissertation this summer) so I may seem difficult to track down. The best way to reach me is via email, as I check my email frequently. Once you have sent an email, please allow 24 hours before emailing me again. It may take that long for me to respond. The best address to reach me is, because I check that email daily from wherever I happen to be. Also, please include your
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soc 100 online syllabus summer 20100 - REVISED June 2010...

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