ambassador part 3 Making Our Salvation Known

ambassador part 3 Making Our Salvation Known - Mr. Jones...

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Mr. Jones 5 th and 6 th Grade 2/21/10 Making Our Salvation Known Winter Qtr, Lesson 4, 2 nd Sunday, Series 4 February 17, 2008 Attendance Collect/Pass/Return Handouts Prayer Memory Verse Review Rom 1:16---Memory Verse Quiz—Gal 5:16, Rom 8:5, I Jn 3:2, Rom13:11, Rom 1:16 Review 1. Who left their nets to follow Jesus? (Peter, Andrew, James and John) 2. Who realized that Jesus could look into his soul and see his sins? (Peter) 3. Who promised to teach us how to witness? (Lord) 4. Who must go into all the world and “catch” men? (all believers) 5. What does it mean to “catch” men? (witness to them of Jesus Christ) Approach Why do not all believers go straight to heaven the moment they are saved? Jesus has given them the wonderful privilege of telling the good news of salvation to a lost and dying world. If believers do not tell them, there is no one else to do so. Since Christ died for all people, all have the right to hear about Him. That is why the very first command Jesus gave to His disciples after He arose from the dead was to “go and tell” (Mt 28:10). Then, as Jesus gathered His disciples together for His last instructions before ascending into heaven, He said again, “Go and tell” (Mt 28:19-20). The disciples had hoped that Jesus would either set up His kingdom on earth now that He was resurrected or take them back to heaven with Him. But for those who had entered into His plan of salvation, Jesus had another plan for them—“go and tell:. So in obedience to Jesus’ last command, the disciples went back to Jerusalem and after the HS had come and given them power to witness, they found that they could not keep the good news to themselves (Acts 4:20). Peter was one of the first to go and tell the very ones who had put his Lord on the cross that Jesus had died for them. Look at Acts 4:12. Because Peter obeyed, three thousand were saved in Acts 2:41, and then five thousand were saved in Acts 4:4.
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Mr. Jones 5 th and 6 th Grade 2/21/10 But there were some people that Peter was reluctant to go to. He and the other Jews did not hold Gentiles on the same regard as Jews. God had started the Jewish race so that he would have a special people to go and tell the world about Him. Pretty soon the Jews became so proud that Jesus had chosen them that they began to look down their noses at them and some even thought the Gentiles did not deserve to be saved at all. Even when Jesus told His disciples to go to “the uttermost parts of the earth”, they must
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ambassador part 3 Making Our Salvation Known - Mr. Jones...

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