An Overview of the Old Testament Outline

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G.I.B.S. Biblical Synthesis (OT) Duluth Bible Church An Overview of the Old Testament I. The Books of the Old Testament A. The Old Testament consists of 39 books. B. There are 17 historical books (5 in Pentateuch and 12 Historical) C. There are 5 poetical books. D. There are 17 prophetical books (5 Major Prophets, 12 Minor Prophets) II. The Time of the Old Testament A. The Old Testament covers a time period of at leas 3600 years. B. From Adam to Abraham was at least 2000 years. C. From Abraham to Moses was about 500 years. D. From Moses to King Saul was about 500 years. E. From King Saul to Israel’s dispersion and return was about 600 years. F. There were 400 “silent years” before Christ’s coming. III. The Dispensations of the Old Testament A. The dispensation of Innocence is found in Genesis 1-3. B. The dispensation of Conscience is found in Genesis 4-8. C. The dispensation of Human Government is found in Genesis 9-11. D. The dispensation of Promise is found in Genesis 12-Exodus 18. E. The dispensation of Law is found in Exodus 18 and lasts until Pentecost (Acts 2).
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Unformatted text preview: IV. The Practical Application of the Old Testament A. Old Testament events can be used as Examples for us. (1 Corinthians 10:11) B. The Old Testament Scriptures contain many Types or pictures of Jesus Christ. (Luke 24:27) C. The Old Testament Scriptures are for our Learning and have practical effects when properly understood and applied. (Romans 15:4) V. The Languages of the Old Testament A. The majority of the Old Testament Scriptures were written in Hebrew . B. Portions of the book of Daniel were written in Chaldean . VI. Assignments A. Memorize the books of the Old Testament so you can write them in order without error. B. Memorize the classification of the books of the Old Testament (Pentateuch, Historical, Poetical, Prophetic) C. Know the general time frame of the Old Testament. D. Know the dispensations of the Old Testament and the scriptures related to them. E. Memorize Romans 15:4....
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