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Deuteronomy Chart - Related to Canaan(Ch 12-26 Public...

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Deuteronomy: At The Promised Land Review of the Past (Chapters 1-4) Reaffirmation of the Covenant (Chapters 5-26) Ratification of the Covenant (Chapters 27-30) Perpetuity of the Covenant (Chapters 31-34) Review of the Journeys (Ch 1-3) Charge to the People (Ch 4) The Decalogue (Ch 5-11)
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Unformatted text preview: Related to Canaan (Ch 12-26) Public Ceremony (Ch 27) Warning (Ch 28-30) Commis-sion of Joshua (Ch 31) Song of Moses (Ch 32-33) Death of Moses (Ch 34) Retrospective (Moses’ First Sermon) Introspective (Moses’ Second Sermon) Prospective (Moses’ Third Sermon)...
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