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The Preparation and Presentation - G.I.B.S. 5 - Jan. 11,...

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Unformatted text preview: G.I.B.S. 5 - Jan. 11, 2010 Basics About Teaching - Handout #1 William "Poochie" Jones Scott Johnson Duluth Bible Church “THE PREPARATION AND PRESENTATION OF YOUR LESSON” theme verse: 1 Timothy 3:16-17 hook Introduction: Our lesson presentation is called the __________________, __________________________________, and ____________________, method. took book , look Start with a proposition statement. Simple statement or explaination of your objective. In other is a summary statement of purpose. (It is a inner target to direct your study). THE HOOK (Introduction) Purposes of the Introduction (Giving them a reason to listen, remember they are coming To capture their ________________________. in cold. attention To gain their _______________________. interest (Having the value of what you have to say..."I want to hear what this guy has to say...warm them up.) To state your main _______________________ or ______________________. principles (concisely) purpose Practical Reminders (PRAY) 4. The beginning should be _______________, ____________________, and clear brief (5min<) ___________________ related (to main pur.) to the rest of the lesson. 5. Some methods for beginning are the ________________________, Direct approach (Acts 13:16) _________________________, a _____________________________________, a ask a question brief illustration ____________________________________, or ______________________________________. group participation visual aid/object lesson Your own testimony, current event(s), startling statement (Acts 17:22-23), humor, short story, or maybe us a dramatic expression. THE BOOK-LOOK (Body of the Lesson) Purposes of the Body of the Lesson content To explain accurately the _____________________ of the Scripture passage(s). 2 Timothy 4:2-5; Heb 4:12 Ps 119:11; 2 Ti. 3:16-17; Pro 30:6 Mt 4:4; 1 Ti 4:6-7,13 To emphasize clearly the _____________________(s) of the Scripture passages(s). main principles From different angles, multiple ways. Remember they are coming in cold...keep giving it to them. In the intro, the body and conclusion. Familiarize yourself with the lesson. Preparation of the Body of the Lesson Sunday School a. Your Sunday School manual will determine for you the main purpose and principles of your lesson, along with the memory work, lesson outline, etc. It is your responsibility to ___________________ yourself with the content, order, and materials well familiarize enough to _____________________ these truths in an effective and interesting manner to the communicate children. Tell the story, don't read it. Just use the notes to glance over. b. An understanding of your lesson can be achieved by… Start EARLY!!! 1) ______________________ the lesson and Scripture passages several times. (Everyday till prep) Reading Outline 2) ______________________ your lesson or story, jotting down the sequence of events, principles, applications, etc. Know the flow. Tell the kids what to do and how to do it. 3) ______________________ any difficult terms. A dictionary, concordance, or Vines may be Define helpful. 1 John 2:1-2 ie advocate: defense attorney, propitiation: satisfactory payment 4) ______________________ yourself with any Biblical characters, and find out how to Acquiring pronounce their names correctly. Know your reference mater 5) ______________________ any geographical areas. Locating 6) ______________________ any difficult verses. Intrepeting 4. JAIL MINISTRIES (AJC/NERCC/etc.) a. Your primary purpose will be to communicate the ________________ and basic Gospel ____________ _____________________. Bible Doctrine b. the holiness of God the sinfulness of man the barrier of sin/death the person, work and accomplishment of Christ the free gift of salvation the response of faith alone the security of salvation family of God vs. fellowship with God In doing this, you will want to discuss… how to grow c. It is important to keep your message _______________________ and ___________________. simple accurate - define terms d. passage. e. — ________________, Clear It is helpful to discuss just a ___________ Bible verses or __________ primary one few Eph 2:1-10, Titus 3:4-7, It is also helpful to know what has been taught __________________. previously f. If time permits, allow for ___________________ (but do not let someone questions dominate and direct it. g. It is helpful to have __________________ in your Gospel presentations. variety * Remember 2 Corinthians 4:3-7 THE TOOK (Application) The PURPOSE of the Application Stage (have we learn) (it fits) (can we use this) 1. To explain the _________________, ___________________, and _____________ of What Where How LEARN!!! applying these principles to your students. Today we have been learning about... the Gospel, Heaven, the judgement seat of Christ response apply 2. To encourage a ___________________ by the student to ______________ these truths in their lives today. Maybe as a grace appeal, warning, adminition, volitional decisionc * James 1:22-25 The DIRECTION of your Applications saved Toward the __________________. unsaved Toward the __________________. ...
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