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JenniferJohnson296-CM225-03-Unit 2 - time management

JenniferJohnson296-CM225-03-Unit 2 - time management -...

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Time Management 1 Running Head: TIME MANAGEMENT Time Management Jennifer Johnson Kaplan University CM225-03 Susan Schmitt August 8, 2010
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Time Management 2 In order to improve in the area of time management I must fist know where my opportunities lie? One way to so this is log each thing I do for one week and then analyze the results. The second option would be to gather feedback for peers or a superior. I could also combine both to have a more rounded view of my time management skills. The two skills that I believe would come up as areas of opportunities are prioritizing work and managing unplanned events. Prioritizing work is critical to successful time management and becoming more effective. Deciding which tasks are the most important, and then blocking out time to complete them, while leaving time to deal with unplanned interruptions. In order to do this I will write down my
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Unformatted text preview: daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Then rank each task in order of importance and time sensitivity. Then plan time in the day to complete the most pressing projects, but leave time for unforeseen developments. In addition, carrying a calendar to schedule meetings, follow- up’s, and appointments that are not urgent and can wait. Know that it is ok to say “no” to someone or “I will do that next week. Through implementation of these small changes, there will be better focus and lower stress. As my stress level is decreased and my focus increases, performance will also improve. In having, better performance can take on more responsibilities. One of my goals is to move up within my company and improving my time management skills is one way to show I am ready for the next level....
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JenniferJohnson296-CM225-03-Unit 2 - time management -...

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