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Telecommuting 1 Running head: TELECOMMUTING Telecommuting Jennifer Johnson Kaplan University CM225-03 Susan Schmit August 31, 2010 Jennifer’s Alarms Memo To: John Morley, supervisor, Jennifer’s Alarms From: Jennifer Johnson CC: Werner Zehr, manager, Jennifer’s Alarms Date: 07:01:22 Re: Benefits of Telecommuting First, thank you for this opportunity and allowing me to present my proposal on the benefits of telecommuting for the company. Over the last several weeks, I have gathered information on the benefits of telecommuting. Based on that information I believe that now is the time for the company to invest in telecommunications. I am in the process of gathering additional information to support the cost of implementing a telecommunication program within our 1
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company. By making the investment in telecommunication, we can improve profits, add flexibility, and improve customer’s interaction with the company. References
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JenniferJOhnson296-CM225-Unit5-Telecommuting-Memo -...

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