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By: Jennifer Johnson I believe that Behavioral theory is the most important approach to management. I have tried most or worked with someone who used all of these styles. I have found that the Behavioral theory works the best. With this style of management you must know why your employees behave as they do and what physical and social factors influence them. You have to view employees as individuals, resources, and assets to be developed and worked with — not as machines. When working with a computer you just program it and it does exactly what you tell it to. When working with people
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Unformatted text preview: their emotions can cause the quality and production of work to change. It is important to find out what motivates and demotivates your employees. Also events in there personal lives play a role in how they perform at work. You have to take the time to care for them on a human level. Help them understand the impact that they have on the business. This type of approach to management has a big payoff. The employees become invested emotionally vs. just looking for a monetary reimbursement thus improving productivity and profitability to the company....
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