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By Jennifer Johnson 1. By creating a new middle management position between the CEO/CFO (upper management) and the location managers ( lower level management) this will help the business grow, by freeing up Jack to focuses on helping Jenny to make decisions on how to grow the company. This new position would be a t position. 2. I believe Jenny and Jack should look within the organization and try to promote internally. Jenny said that there are two managers have demonstrated that they can be accountable and have the desired skills. If there is no one within the organization that is qualified then they could look externally. They could use a
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Unformatted text preview: service or post the position on the internet. 3. Within the Sandwich Blitz, Inc Jenny and Jack should make these decisions. They should be making these decisions because they have the authority and are accountable for the company. 4. If Sandwich Blitz Inc. creates a new position they would have the following levels of authority (management). Upper level Middle level Lower level CEO &CFO Accountant Area General Manager Store Manager Crew Supervisor Customer Service associate Currently they only have two levels of management Upper and Lower....
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JenniferJohnson296_homework_unit4 - service or post the...

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