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By: Jennifer Johnson When using the SWOT analysis I do not believe that Jack and Jenny should not commit to a large- scale expansion at this time. They would, however, be able to commit to a small business venture. Sandwich Blitz does have the financial resources to open two new locations. However, one opportunity that Jenny and Jack should take into account is how hard it will be to find a location that will support a sandwich shop. Jenny stated that with the economic downturn the business parks occupancy rates are down. There are a few questions they should consider to help them. Can there business be successful somewhere else? What is the current business model based on? Jenny
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Unformatted text preview: and Jack also need to be concerned with how quickly other companies will enter the market. One threat to Sandwich Blitz is that the microenvironment may not be able to support other companies with similar products competing for the same customers. A major weakness is that they have not set a specified strategic plan for their company. If Jenny and Jack want to expand and move into other cities they will need to do more planning. They could even run some small- scale scenarios to gain incite of what could happen during expansion. In order to truly insure successes Jack and Jenny should start by making a strategic plan and setting a few goals for their business expedition....
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