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By: Jennifer Johnson 1. I believe Jack and Jenny have Legitimate power, Coercive power and Reward power. Legitimate because they have the authority and right, to tell the employees what to do. Coercive power because they have the right to punish the employee if they do not comply with a policy. Reward power because they having the right to reward employees if they comply with the policy. 2. In the past the person who had all of these was middle – level manager (unit manager). She had Legitimate power because the director gave her the right to tell all employees what to do. She also had Coercive power because she could punish employees when they did not comply with policy. When hired she was given
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Unformatted text preview: Coercive power by Human Resource that she could determine the punishment for the policy violation. Also she had Reward power to give out rewards to employees who have done well or to incent employees. 3. Jack and Jenny could implement all three of these powers to correct the problems they are having with tardies from all levels of managers and associates. First they could use their Legitimate power put into place a formal corrective action policy for attendance. If the policy is not followed they could use the Coercive power to enforce this policy. Also they could use Reward power to put into place incentives for good attendance....
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