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By: Jennifer Johnson 1. Ethical Responsibility - Jack and Jenny will need to do the right thing and advise the county of what occurred with the zoning inspector. They should also commend the unit manager for doing the right thing as well and action on what the inspector was asking for. 2. Legal Responsibility- Jack and Jenny need to comply with both the County health regulations and the County zoning ordinances. They could check with the businesses that surround them to see if they might be able to share dumpsters. They could split the cost
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Unformatted text preview: of the dumpster with that business. 3. Economic Responsibility - Jack and Jenny should not pass on any cost that is incurred because of this problem to the customers at this location or any other location. 4. Philanthropic Responsibility- Jack and Jenny could take part in the adopt a road or area program to help keep the community clean. That way they could give back to the community....
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