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By: Jennifer Johnson As I look back on this class and reflect one of the topics that I believe makes me a stronger candidate to enter the business world, is understanding about ethics and corporate responsibility. By having a clear understanding of corporate social, ethical, philanthropic and legal responsibility I will be able make good business decisions that will help the company grow. Social responsibility something that no matter what business environment you enter will play a role in the perception that the consumer will have of the company. I have stared to implement what I learned at the company I currently work at. By convincing our strategic managers to allow the site that I work at participate and fundraise for the American Heart Walk this year. This is a great way for us to give back to the community. My goal is to take part in more community events through out the year. I was able to use
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Unformatted text preview: all of the things I learned in unit eight and make my case to our strategic managers. I enjoyed learning about everything in this course the topics were very interesting and informative. After each of the units I was able implement something that I learned. So this course has had a big affect on my professional development. As each week went on I was encouraged to continue because of all the information that I learned. Because I have been able to gain so much form this class it has made want to continue on my academic path. I was very unsure about going back to school and this course has really had a positive impact on making me want to continue on. Going to the seminars also helped me in sticking it out through the whole ten weeks. During seminars the professor encouraged us and really help drive home the information from the unit....
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