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Student Name ______________________________ North Carolina State University Department of Chemistry CH 101 Exam3 November 1, 2010 CODE 111111 Name: ____________________________________________________ Answer all questions in this exam booklet. This exam consists of ALL multiple-choice questions Enter code 111111 in the SPECIAL CODES section. Print and fill in the bubble your LAST name first then your first name onto the answer sheet Each multiple-choice question is worth 4 points. There is an attached sheet that contains the periodic table and additional information. Feel free to detach this sheet to use it during the test. Bring all your material and your picture ID to Dr. Rabah/TA in the front of the room when you are done. Please write your name at the bottom of all pages. “I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test _______________________________” Student signature Grade: /100
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Student Name ________________________________ 2 1. Upon heating, CaCO 3 decomposes to CaO and CO 2 . What change in the hybridization of carbon occurs in this reaction? A. sp to sp 2 B. sp 2 to sp 3 C. sp 3 to sp D. sp 2 to sp E. No change 2. How many sigma ( σ ) bonds and pi ( π ) bonds are in the following molecule? A. seven σ and two π B. five σ and five π C. five σ and two π D. seven σ and three π E. five σ and three π 3. Which figures best represent an antibonding pi molecular orbital? A. II and III B. III only C. I and IV D. IV only E. III and IV 4. Select the correct set of pi molecular orbitals for C 4 H 6 (structure given below) - using some or all of the given diagrams- and place them in order of increasing energy (LOWEST to HIGHEST). A. II, III, I, IV
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Exam3_Fall2010_111111CORRECTED - North Carolina State...

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