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AP US History APUSH Timeline -Taken from REA, AP United States History Colonial Period (1492-1763) 1492 Columbus lands at San Salvador in Bahamas 1517 Martin Luther challenges Catholic Authority, beginning Protestant Reformation in Europe 1521 Cortez conquers Aztecs and Mexico; Magellan circumnavigates the globe 1533 Pizarro captures Inca capital in Peru 1539 De Soto explores southeastern US 1540 Coronado explores southwestern US 1555 Elizabeth I takes the throne in England 1585 Roanoke Island colony established of Virginia coast, then disappears 1607 Jamestown colony founded 1608 Champlain founds Québec 1611 First Virginia tobacco crop harvested 1619 First Africans arrive in Virginia 1620 Plymouth colony founded; House of Burgesses established in Virginia 1622 Powhatan Confederacy attacks Virginia settlers 1630 Massachusetts Bay colony founded 1635 Roger Williams establishes Rhode Island colony 1636 Harvard College founded 1637 Anne Hutchinson expelled for Massachusetts Bay colony 1642-48 English Civil War 1647 A Massachusetts law requires a public school in every town 1649 King Charles I executed 1660 Charles II becomes king 1662 Halfway Covenant established in New England 1676 Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia 1681 Pennsylvania established by William Penn 1688 Glorious Revolution in England; William and Mary succeeded James II 1692 Witchcraft trials begin in Salem 1714 George I takes throne, beginning Hanover Dynasty 1734 Great Awakening begins 1739 Stono rebellion in North Carolina; George Whitfield begins preaching in America 1743 Benjamin Franklin sets up the American Philosophical Society 1754 French and Indian war begins; Albany plan of union 1759 Britain captures Québec 1763 Regulator movement in the Carolinas; Pontiac's Revolt; Treaty of Paris The American Revolution (1763-1783) 1763 Proclamation line of 1763 1764 Sugar Act, Currency Act 1765 Stamp Act; Sons of Liberty formed 1767 Townsend Duties; Dickinson's ” Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer"
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AP US History 1770 Boston massacre; Lord North becomes British Prime Minister 1772 H.M.S. Gaspee burned off coast of Rhode Island 1773 Tea Act; Boston Tea Party 1774 Intolerable Acts; First Continental Congress 1775 Lexington and Concord; Battle of Bunker Hill 1776 Common Sense published by Thomas Paine; Declaration of Independence; Battle of New York City; Battle of Trenton 1777 British surrender 5800 men at Saratoga 1778 French-American alliance established; British begin Southern strategy and capture Savanna 1780 British capture Charleston; French army lands in Connecticut 1781 Articles of Confederation approved; General Cornwall as surrenders at Yorktown 1783 Treaty of Paris ends war, grants American independence; Newburgh conspiracy of American army officers United States Constitution (1785-1789) 1785 Land ordinance provides for early development of territories; Spain closes the Mississippi River to American shipping 1786
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APUSH Timeline - AP US History APUSH Timeline -Taken from...

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