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Suggestions for writing a Lab Report Biol. 1442 Lab TA - Chris Hamilton Your lab reports are required to be in the format of a primary scientific journal. These include a title, and abstract, an introduction, a materials and methods section, a results section, a discussion section, and a literature cited section. All sections should be labeled clearly. Citations should be given, with a very few exceptions, only in the introduction and discussion sections. If you have any questions…come see me early in the process! Title The title is a very important part of the paper. It is the first thing the reader will see and it is often all that a person looks at when they are searching for papers in an online database. The title should be a concise sentence giving a description of the experiment about which you are reporting. It needs to have enough information to attract the readers that might need the information in the paper. A good title will have 3 pieces of information: 1) The main object or organism involved including all the correct taxonomic information 2) It will have the main biological idea behind the experiment being conducted 3) It should have the main method used in conducting the experiment. Single word titles or titles that have one word descriptions, of the 3 points mentioned above, are not acceptable. Titles should be in sentence format and should show how this information fits the experiment. Abstract
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LabReport_Suggestions - Suggestions for writing a Lab...

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