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Frederico Souza Professor: Paula Asamoto Speech 151 April 16, 2009 Persuasive speech The Need for Spirituality Introduction - Attention Step I. Attention getter - There are three important aspects of life: body, mind and soul. There’s no balance without the complete fulfillment of the three. II. Reveal topic - Spirituality is considering the spiritual concerns of the soul. It is an awareness of the spiritual world and the gathering information about it. And observing it as a reality develops and sustains health and harmony. III. Credibility - As someone who never really paid much attention to it, my life changed dramatically after I decided to consider the spiritual world as a dualism of good and evil. This understanding allowed me to see the spirituality as something important as a guideline of behavior and conduct that improved my perceptions of life. IV. Preview - I will discuss the need for spirituality with the aid of my personal experiences and facts of life that direct us to spirituality. Transition: Let me make you think about this for a minute. Body 1. Need step I. What if there is actually something out there? What if there are actually spirits around us? What if there are actions supposed to be taken to properly deal with spiritual realities in life? Perhaps, like Paschoal Randolph, we should tell ourselves: Thank God
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Draft persuasive speech - Frederico Souza Professor: Paula...

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