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In the article, the author suggested that our minds are “changing.” There was certainly enough evidence that showed our behaviors surrounding how we consume information has changed. For example, I will browse Google News and look through all the topics and headlines instead of clicking through a particular news website. As humans, changes and adoptions of technological advances are a part of our existence. From the use of the opposing thumbs to the discovery of fire and the various advances such as the writing and the printing press that the author cited, humans have struggled and ultimately adopted the more efficient way. The need to be more efficient is ever more apparent in current times. With the invention of mass media, we are constantly bombarded with information. It is only natural that we want to seek out ways to filter and find information that individual find relevant. Google provides such
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Unformatted text preview: services effectively and efficiently. While computers and the Internet has certainly changed how we find and consumed information, it has also changed how we research and create information. Research can be completed in a faction of the time with computers. Peer reviews of research can be accomplished within days or weeks with emails. Communication barriers such as national borders and locations are rendered obsolete. The amount of information available to us will only increase as time rolls forward. The way we consume information in the future might as well be connecting our brain to Google as others in the article suggested. However, we should focus on how we utilize the information to create quality content and innovative technologies. The artificial intelligence that many scientists and company are working on will still be “created.”...
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