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NRM 2307 SPRING 2009 GRIFFIS KYLE Paige Sprague HOMEWORK: ECOSYSTEM SERVICES Due January 19th This homework is based on  Chapter 1 Frankham and posted reading from Ehrlich. Please answer the following  questions (especially the first 2) like you were trying to explain the answer to someone  who doesn’t know much about conservation biology or natural resources. Please  answer in complete sentences and check spelling and grammar then post your  responses in an MSWord file on WebCT. Make sure you include your name in the  filename (e.g. lastname_EcosystemServices.doc).  How are ecosystem services impacted by the human population size? What happens to 
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Unformatted text preview: ecosystem services as the human population gets larger? Please provide examples for your answers. What does genetic diversity have to do with ecosystem services? Please explain. Hypothetically you have been selected as an environmental advisor to the incoming president of the United States. As his advisor, how would you convince him that ecosystem services are important, especially with all the other issues he has to address, and what are some ways you would suggest to him for protecting ecosystem services?...
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