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I attended Boyd Butler’s discussion of cytoskeleton regulations of distinct Natural Killer cells at four o’clock Wednesday the 25 of February. This discussion was based on Butler’s research and studies he had conducted. He explained what killer cells were and their role in our immune system. Natural killer cells are extremely important to our immune systems. The natural killer cells have a cycle of capping, destruction, and recycling. They are in the vasculature and are immune cells. Their process is very tightly regulated. The killer cell recognizes other cells in two ways. One way they read the cell is MHC class one cells or no kill cell. The other way is not MHC class one cells or kill cells. If the Natural killer cell does not recognize the cell as no kill, it consumes it to later be recycled. It was amazing to me how much time and analyze he put into this tiny part of the immune system and these one types of cells. He was so very knowledgeable I quickly became confused on what he was
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Unformatted text preview: talking about. Butler used incredibly advanced terms and as hard as I tried to keep up, I only got the gist of what he was trying to convey. The topic of cytoskeleton regulations of distinct NK cell functions made me realize a few things. One was that I have so very much to learn if I ever want to be able to grasp the concept of his topic. Another was that I never realized how much energy and expenditure goes into every single aspect of science. This man has spent years and years of his life on this one little subject. It was hard for me to grasp because I wanted to be able to fit it into the bigger picture. Going to this lecture was a good experience for me and I am looking forward to going to many more this year. It is good to know where these speakers are and when they come to talk to us for future reference. Although I’m not sure if this subject matter will pertain to me later in life, I’m sure something I attend will....
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