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final exam notes - Chapter 20- succession Succession- the...

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Chapter 20- succession Succession - the change in plant, animal, and microbial communities in an area following disturbance or the creation of new substrate. Directional change. Pioneer community- the first plants in a successional sequence Primary succession- succession on newly exposed geological substrates, not significantly modified by organisms, for instance, on newly formed volcanic lava or on substrate exposed during the retreat of a glacier. o Facilitation can occur- (clement focus) organisms altering environment often by facilitating the entry of new species (example of mutualism possibly) Secondary succession- succession in which disturbance has destroyed a community without destroying the soil, for instance; forest succession following a forest fire or logging Climax community- late successional community whose populations remain stable until disrupted by disturbance Communities and ecosystems not static but constantly change in response to disturbance, environmental change, and their own internal dynamics – changes somewhat predictable over the short term Disturbance - any relatively discrete event in space and time that disrupts ecosystem, community, or population structure and changes resources, substrate, or the physical environment o The effect of disturbance on diversity appears to depend upon a trade-off between dispersal and competitive abilities Temporal patterns in diversity- ecological time (diversity increase in course of succession), evolutionary time (diversity relatively constant over millions of years,
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final exam notes - Chapter 20- succession Succession- the...

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