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Discussion: From our data and our personal observation we determined that a ten percent salt solution does affect the growth of the of a corn plant. As the data shows the corn plants that were given R.O. water grew as expected and were very healthy, while the corn plants that were given the salt solution were very small and began to die off after a while. This is most likely because of the salt in the water; the plants that were given regular water grew at a great rate. As plants grow they require more water and since the water potential of the salt water is lower than regular water it made it more difficult for the roots to absorb the water it needed to stay alive.
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion: Our hypothesis was correct as indicated from the T- Test and personal observations. This is because of the lower water potential in the salt solution. We don’t know how the plants would have reacted if they were given a higher concentration of salt solution, but it is a good guess that the plant would die even sooner. Also we do not know what would have happened if the experimental plants were given more water. Our conclusion is that our hypothesis is correct and salt water does affect plant growth. Bibliography: Henry, Gerald. Relative Salinity Tolerance of Turfgrass/Physiological Adaptations. 3/11/2010. PSS 4316-001....
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