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Chpt 1 study questions 1. ecology- the interralationships between organisms and their environment. Interralationships is part of the definition because it communicates how there are different levels of interaction between the organism and the environment. Haekel coined the term ecology in his book “Morphology of Organisms” 1866 2. Both study environmental factors and their effects on organisms. 3. biosphere, region, landscape, ecosystem, community, interactions, population, organism 4. 5. oxygen, Carbon dioxide removal, protection from wind and erosion 6. kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, variety 7. the scientific name is italisized. It consists of the genus which is capitalized, followed by the specific descriptor which is called specific name for animals and ends “idea” and specific epithet for plants and ends “aceae” 8. It describes where the plant lives and who it interacts with which is what our definition of ecology entails. 1. The shrubs provided covering for herbaceous organisms which eat the seedlings and once the cover is gone the rodents also do not venture here allowing seedlings to grow. Evidence found suggests Muller’s hypothesis could be correct but it is biased and needed further testing. 2. Chamberlin discourages a scientist to not become too attached to a hypothesis and even if evidence founds fit it, other factors could be involved. Determine what other causes may be at work so you have multiple working hypotheses. This way one can more accurately determine the most probably or influential factor. The personal and intellectual realm are similar in their love. An intellectual “child” is dangerous because one may become attached to an idea and not be able to reject it if opposing evidence is found. 3. He followed the advice in making multiple working hypothesis and went back to look at his idea of allelopathy. He ignored Chamberlin’s advice when Keeley opposed his ideas with a new one and refused to go back and retest.
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4. less rabbit feces further out into the grassland
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test review questions - Chpt 1 study questions 1. ecology-...

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