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lecture test 2 - Lecture Test#2 9/23 • Prairie sand...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Test #2 9/23 • Prairie sand reed—E. Colorado, Artemisia, sandy soils tall grass, Calamovila longifolia ; 40 in long; open panicle; 1 flor. Per spike (@ base of spike there are hairs in base of floret); fairly palatable (central & northern great plains) • Tall dropseed— Sporobolus compositus or (asper) @ stem @ base rhizome points straight up @ soil surface, wide distribution, sandy soils, mid-tall grass praire (more Eastern part) • Prairie junegrass—bunch grass; inflorescence wide open & green during pollination; margin clear & waxy layer around lemma when its open • N. E. corner of New Mexico—Canada wildrye in foreground; relatively tall; seed heads at maturity bend over (nods over to side); cool season plant cool season grass full maturity in April/May late spring • Eastern gama grass—tall plant; wide leaf blade w/ white strip down middle; big plant very palatable for livestock; found in tall grass prairie • South of Seminole—honey mesquite no leaves (fall) o Four-wing saltbush—evergreen shrub very palatable extract salt from soil used to remediate saline sights; mow shrub then fed takes salt out of soil; year round food supply • South eastern Oklahoma—wintertime Eastern half of country o Evergreen more of a tree o Blue berry’s pointed at top *alligator & Redberry juniper only sprouting junipers far E. boundary of Great Plains 9/25 • DMG-dry mixed grass prairie • As you move North from Southern to Northern there are abrupt changes in season of growth from composition of warm to more cool season **Table of Grasses in Notes** • Southern Wyoming boarder central & northern: Blue grama & Buffalograss (lots of short grasses) • Midgrass = needleandthread; western wheatgrass low rolling hills mostly cool grasses • Further west= some shrubs Artemisia; big sagebrush; skunk brush sumac; sage brush • Threadleaf sedge=massive tight root system • Smooth brome has a wrinkle in leaf blade • Kentucky bluegrass—pyramid triangle shaped inflorescence • Low growing shrub—fringe sage; not very tall woody shrub •...
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  • Fall '09
  • wester
  • Juniper, Redberry juniper, juniper o Alligator juniper Southern Rockies, Rocky Mt. juniper o Utah juniper Herbaceous

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lecture test 2 - Lecture Test#2 9/23 • Prairie sand...

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