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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 10 •  SmartSite: –  Lecture 10 Notes •  Review –  Sensory Systems –  The Ear •  Announcements: –  None •  Reading (Recommended): –  Relevant por<ons of Chapter 6 •  Auditory system •  Ves<bular system 1 REV: Sensory Integra<on 1.  Modality or type of sensory informa<on 2.  Receptor type 3.  AP firing rate of afferent propor<onal to s<mulus intensity 4.  Rate of receptor adapta<on 5.  Number of afferents firing 6.  Receptor density / Receptor field size 7.  Lateral inhibi<on 8.  Labeled line coding 2 REV: Sound Wave Transmission •  Tympanic membrane vibrates when struck by sound waves •  Middle ear transfers vibra<ons through ossicles to oval window •  Pressure waves in cochlear fluid set basilar membrane in mo<on •  Recep<ve hair cells are bent...
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