Serous uid lubricates and prevents fricron between

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Unformatted text preview: alized for absorbing digesRve nutrients –  Lamina propria •  Houses gut ­associated lymphoid Rssue (GALT) •  Sparse layer of smooth muscle –  Important in defense against disease ­causing intesRnal bacteria –  Muscularis mucosa 17 Submucosa •  Thick layer of connecRve Rssue •  Provides digesRve tract with distensibility and elasRcity •  Contains larger blood and lymph vessels •  Contains nerve network known as submucosal plexus 18 Muscularis Externa •  Major smooth muscle coat of digesRve tube •  In most areas consists of two layers –  Circular layer •  Inner layer •  ContracRon decreases diameter of lumen •  Outer layer •  ContracRon shortens the tube –  Longitudinal layer •  ContracRle acRvity produces propulsive and mixing movem...
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