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48 Solutions to Exercises 8. Helmut Hasse (1898-1979) was one of the more important mathematicians of the twentieth century. He grew up in Berlin and was a member of Germany's navy during the first World War. He received his PhD from the University of Gottingen in 1921 for a thesis in number theory, which was to be the subject of his life's work. He is known for his research with Richard Brauer and Emmy Noether on simple algebras, his proof of the Riemann Hypothesis (one of today's most famous open problems) for zeta functions on elliptic curves, and his work on the arithmetical properties of abelian number fields. Hasse's career started at Kiel and continued at Halle and Marburg. When the Nazis came to power in 1933, all Jewish mathematicians, including eighteen at the University of GOttingen, were summarily dismissed from their jobs. It is hard to know the degree of ambivalence Hasse may have had when he received an offer of employment at Gottingen around this time, but he accepted the position. While some of Hasse's closest research collaborators were Jewish, he nonetheless made no secret of
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