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198 ( ) P(C I D) = P(C)P(D I C) = .2(.4) = 114 . () e P(D).7 . ,usmg c. Solutions to Exercises Exercises 7.5 1. [BB] Think of the dolls as identically colored marbles and the shelves as boxes. The answer is (30~~ -1) = (~g). 2. (a) 5 15 (b) There are C8 5 ) ways to select the questions to be answered correctly. Now the other seven ques- tions must be answered incorrectly; there are 47 ways in which this can be done since there are four wrong answers to each question. The answer is C8 5 ) 4 7 . 3. [BB] Each outcome can be signaled by dropping five identical marbles into six boxes labeled 1-6. The answer is (6+~-1) = C50) = 252. 4. [BB] C01~-1) = G~) = 286 5. (a) Each bunch is specified by dropping six marbles into five boxes, each labeled with the color of a rose. The answer is (5+~-1) = C60) = 210. (b) There is only one additional rose to be selected after the mandatory five different colored roses are selected. There are only five possible bunches. 6. (a) [BB] The varieties are boxes. A selection can be indicated by dropping marbles into boxes. There
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