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Chapter 9 259 10. The graph on the left has two quadrilaterals, ABHG and CDF E; while the other has three quadrilat- erals, 1287, 3465, 1357. 11. (a) [BB] No. D 9 Chapter 9 Review 1. The new graph is drawn to the right. Following the arrows gives a walk of the type required. 2. (a) (b) (b) No. D 9 We show one of several possible configurations.
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Unformatted text preview: Any number of houses can be connected to two utilities without crossovers, as shown. 3. (a) We present below the graph which corresponds to the cubes and two edge disjoint subgraphs. B r!J <=~ W 2 G B R '1>,<1 W G F B R L Cube 4 B W R G Here is the solution indicated. Cube 3 R R G B Cube 2 W G W R Cube 1 G B B W...
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