bio - receiving a transfusion of whole type O negative...

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Why should people get a flu shot every year? New strains of flu virus arise rapidly; this year’s strain may be different from last year’s. Which of these is not immunogenic when implanted into a vertebrate body? plastic bead HIV infects helper T cells and macrophages. If these cell populations are depleted, which aspects of the immune system will be affected? antibody production by B cells b. cytotoxic T cell activation c. immune system memory Given 200 V domain genes, 10 J segment genes, and 10 D segment genes for the heavy chain, plus 20 V domain genes and 5 J segment genes for the light chain, how many different antibodies can be made? 2 million To fight viral infections, it is most effective to activate _____________. cytotoxic T cells. Why is it still possible for a person with type A negative blood to have a transfusion reaction when
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Unformatted text preview: receiving a transfusion of whole type O negative blood? The type O blood of the donor may have high enough levels of anti-A antibodies that could cross-react with the recipients cells. Which of the following act as the first line of defense against foreign pathogens? Cutaneous membrane Mucous membrane The process by which phagocytes exit capillaries and enter injured tissue is called _________. Diapedesis Your hand has a scratch. What sign would indicate that the injury is inflamed? Painful A patient has been immunized against chicken pox using an weakened virus. What type of immunity is this? Artificially acquired activ...
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bio - receiving a transfusion of whole type O negative...

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