SG01 - NPB12 Study Guide 1 These are some representative...

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2010 NPB 12, SG01, Page: 1 NPB12: Study Guide 1 These are some representative test questions, and some exercises that will help you think about the material covered in lecture. These will not be graded, but I encourage you to make an honest effort to solve these problems. The answers will be provided in class next week. Multiple choice questions. For each question, circle the answer that you think is most correct. Some are close, but one could argue that they were wrong. Choose the one that has the weakest argument to be wrong, and the correspondingly greatest argument to be right. 1) A good reason to understand how the brain functions is a. To prove the ancient Egyptian wrong b. To make computers that operate on the same principles and therefore be better able to make mathematical calculations. c. If you understand how normal brains work, you may be able to fix those that are not working correctly due to injuries or disease. d. It is relatively easy and therefore you don’t have to work very hard or memorize anything e. If you understand how the brain functions, you may be able to understand emotions (e.g. love, greed, racism) and prevent them. 2) The entire human nervous system can be divided into different categories, including a. Central and peripheral. b. Spinal cord, hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain, and cerebral cortex. c. Grey matter and white matter. d. Medulla oblongata and autonomic. e. Rostral and medial. 3) All cells in the human body, including neurons, a. Have a cell body, nucleus, ribosomes, and dendrites. b.
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SG01 - NPB12 Study Guide 1 These are some representative...

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