Lab 10 - Name: KEY T.A. Name/Class time: MW Lecturer: Lab...

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Name: KEY November 12, 2010 T.A. Name/Class time: MW Lecturer: Lab 10: Chapters 2 and 10 Since World War II, plutonium for use in atomic weapons has been produced at an Atomic Energy Commission facility in Hanford, Washington. One of the major safety problems encountered there has been the storage of radioactive wastes. Over the years, significant quantities of these substances - including strontium 90 and cesium 137 - have leaked from their open-pit storage areas into the nearby Columbia River, which flows along the Washington-Oregon border, and eventually empties into the Pacific Ocean. To measure the health consequences of this contamination, an index of exposure was calculated for each of the nine Oregon counties having frontage on either the Columbia River or the Pacific Ocean. This particular index was based on several factors, including the county's stream distance from Hanford and the average distance of its population from any water frontage. As a covariate, the cancer mortality rate was determined for each of these same counties. The data give the index of exposure and the cancer mortality rate during 1959-1964 for the nine Oregon counties affected. Higher index values represent higher levels of contamination. Variable Description County Name of county Exposure Index of exposure Mortality Cancer mortality per 100,000 man-years The data is on the course website in the file “ Hanford.sav .” 1. (2 points) Show a scatterplot of the data with exposure on the x-axis and mortality on the y-axis. Describe the form, direction, and strength of the data. 2.
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Lab 10 - Name: KEY T.A. Name/Class time: MW Lecturer: Lab...

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