Survey of microorganisms

Survey of microorganisms - 3 ciliates posses two types of...

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Survey of microorganisms Lab exercise 5; protozoa, algae, and cyanobacteria I. survey of organisms i. eukaryotes a. the protests- large, paraphyletic group of organisms that are usually unicellular b. protozoa- generally moving, nonpigmented, sigle celled organisms 1. flagellates- heterotrophic containing flagella [long whip- like structures] 2. amoeboid cells- slow moving, feed on bacteria and protists
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Unformatted text preview: 3. ciliates- posses two types of nuclei, covered by many cilia 4. apicomplexa- parasitic, move by gliding c. the algae-photosynthetic protests 1. euglenoids 2. green algae 3. golden-brown algae 4. synurales 5. xanthrophyceae 6. phaeophyceae 7. bacillariophyta 8. dinozoa ii. prokaryotes a. the cyanobacteria lab exercise 7; the fungi ; mold and yeasts...
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