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Serenity Witten AGEC 424 Ch. 3 Problems 8. current ratio=11678/2110= 5.53 quick ratio= [11678-3220]/2110= 4.01 ACP=[5583/36227]x360= 67 days Inventory Turnover=19925/3220= 6.19 FAT= 36227/11047= 3.28 TAT= 36227/22725= 1.59 Debt ratio=[6002+2110]/22725= 35.7% TIE=5434/713=7.62 ROS=3116/36227=8.6% ROA=3116/22725=13.7% ROE=3116/14613=21.3%
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Unformatted text preview: EPS=3116/1268000=.25% P/E=28.75/.25=11.73 Book Value=14613/1268999=.01 Market to book value=28.75/.01=.29 11. a. 16 17 18. Accounts Receivable= (ACP/360)SALES= (45/360)1600=$200 Sales=NI/ROS=160/10%= $1600 Inventory=COGS/ITO=750/6.0= $125 Current Assets Current Liabilities Debt Equity ROA ROE 19...
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