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Financial Data Assignment AGEC 424 The purpose of this assignment is to give you some experience working with actual company financial data from the Thomson ONE web site. I have mentioned that expected future growth is a major factor in determining the P/E multiple, so in this assignment you will look at some ways of calculating past growth rates as well as some financial ratios. Instructions for using Thomson ONE are in another document you can download from the Chapter 3 assignment page. Find/calculate and turn in the following data for Nike: 1. Dollar sales for each of the last 5 years 2. Sales percentage growth year over year for each of the last 4 years 3. Earnings per share for each of the last 5 years 4. Earnings per share percentage growth year over year for each the last 4 years 5. ROE and retention rate for the last 5 years (Retention rate is retained earnings for the
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Unformatted text preview: period divided by net income or 100% minus the dividend payout percentage. If you have EPS and dividends per share the ratio will give you the dividend payout ratio.) 6. For the most recent year compute and report: a. Current ratio b. Debt ratio c. Profit Margin d. Total Asset turnover e. Equity multiplier f. ROE g. Market to book h. Extended DuPont equation Hand in for each of the above items: A. Items as indicated in the assignment in 1 through 6 above. B. At least one sentence of evaluation/observation for each and every item in 1 through 6 above, including the subparts of 6. (You won’t be able to say much about the ratios because you have only one data point and no industry comparison.)...
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