Lab 5 - Name Friday T.A name/Class time Monday/Wednesday...

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Name: October 1, 2010 Friday T.A. name/Class time: Monday/Wednesday lecturer: Lab 5: Chapter 6 READ THIS: In the material for the first exam, especially Sections 3.3 and 5.2, you learned about the difference between a population and a sample. There is a parameter for the whole population (for example the average age for all U.S. residents), but it would be too difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for us to get the number directly through a census. Instead, we usually choose to take a random sample and calculate a statistic as an estimate for the population parameter. However, we also know that every time we take a random sample from the population, we will get a different sample statistic simply due to random variability. When we use a statistical technique called inference, we are taking into account random variability when we estimate the population parameter from the sample statistic. Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing are types of inference. 1. (3 points) Using the diagram below, fill in the blanks with these terms: inference , sampling , μ , σ , s , x . Confidence Intervals Using Internet Explorer, go to the website for your textbook: . Click on “statistical applets” and then on “confidence interval.” Read the explanation at the top of the webpage. Use the 95% confidence level until you are told to change. 2. (0.5 points) What does the μ stand for? ___________________________ population sample 1
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3. (0.5 points) When we calculate a confidence interval in real-life (non-applet) circumstances, do we know what
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Lab 5 - Name Friday T.A name/Class time Monday/Wednesday...

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