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Unformatted text preview: Experimental Methodology Introduction Unit Objectives List test and experimental rationale Describe the steps involved with performing tests and experiments Present issues associated with tests and experiments 2 1 Rationale for Tests/Experiments Measurement or Properties Obtain Data about Specific Events Determine System Performance Characteristics Comparing Devices or Systems Evaluate a Hypothesis of Physical Quantities 3 Testing/Experimental Procedure Research the Literature Select Factors and Levels Design the Experiment Select the Instrumentation Design and Construct the Hardware Perform the Tests or Experiments Acquire the Data Analyze the Data Present the Results 4 2 Testing/Experimental Issues A well thought out plan is essential if valid results are to be obtained Use the correct tools and instruments Record as much information about the tests and experiments as possible Repeat crucial tests and experiments wherever possible Pay particular attention to the presentation of the data and results 5 Summary Tests and experiments are used to acquire data or test hypotheses A logical set of steps has to be followed to ensure the acquisition of valid information Data presentation is a crucial part of the procedure 6 3 ...
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