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Section7_ Objectives_v0

Section7_ Objectives_v0 - • Describe the two terms that...

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UCLA C&EE 150: Introduction to Hydrology Instructional Objectives: By the end of the section on Unsaturated Flow and Infiltration you should be able to: Define the volumetric water content and relative soil saturation and describe how they are related Explain how matric head and conductivity depend on soil moisture and soil type Describe what controls flow in porous media Define and explain Darcy’s Law for flow in unsaturated conditions
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Unformatted text preview: • Describe the two terms that control vertical flow in unsaturated soils • Write down Richards Equation for one-dimensional (vertical flow) in unsaturated soils • Understand the primary assumptions used in analytical solutions of Richards Equation (e.g. Philip, Green-Ampt solutions) • Apply the time-compression approximation to compute the infiltration under non-ponded conditions...
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