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UCLA Instructional Objectives: By the end of the section on Groundwater Flow and Well Hydraulics you should be able to: Write down Darcy’s Law for specific discharge (flux per unit area) in saturated flow Compute the average fluid velocity through an aquifer based on the Darcy flux and soil porosity List the key differences between unconfined and confined aquifers Describe the different mechanisms by which water is stored in unconfined and confined aquifers Define the respective storage parameters for unconfined and confined aquifers Write down the general 3D groundwater flow equation for confined aquifers Write down the general 2D groundwater flow equation (using the Dupuit approximation)
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Unformatted text preview: for unconfined and confined aquifers • Solve the groundwater flow equation for simple boundary value problems • Use the principle of superposition to decompose and solve more complicated groundwater flow problems • Write down the 2D flow equation in cylindrical coordinates for flow to a pumping well • Solve the steady flow equation toward a pumping well for unconfined/confined aquifers • Use these solutions to for solve for aquifer properties (conductivity/transmissivity) • Solve the transient flow equation toward a pumping well using the well function • Use superposition to solve for head in problems with multiple wells, impermeable lateral boundaries, stream boundaries, etc....
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