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Section10_Objectives_v0 - approaches for baseflow...

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UCLA C&EE 150: Introduction to Hydrology Instructional Objectives: By the end of the section on Runoff and Streamflow you should be able to: Describe the basic mechanisms for overland runoff and how they work Describe the basic mechanisms for subsurface runoff and how they work Define and describe distributed hydrologic modeling Differentiate between stormflow and baseflow Understand the concept of baseflow separation and be able to apply the basic empirical
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Unformatted text preview: approaches for baseflow separation • Describe the primary assumptions of the unit hydrograph approach • Construct a D-hr unit hydrograph from data • Construct a D*=nD hr unit hydrograph from a D-hr unit hydrograph • Apply the unit hydrograph approach to predict stormflow for a particular storm given the UH for that duration storm • Describe the key differences between using a physically-based distributed modeling approach and the unit hydrograph method...
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