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Globablization and Terrorismgroup

Globablization and Terrorismgroup - 1 war on terror 2...

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Globablization and Terrorism/ Nuclear Proliferations- Terrorism and globablization Terrorism is a state violence against citizends by small groups to achieve a political change Succeed when their motivations are perceived by a large scale media Three aspects- Culture- only way for terrorists to keep ways and values Economics- most terrorists live in poverty Religion- use religion to justify their actions Proselytizing: inducing someone to join a religious or political belief Coordination- phones/radios allows the terrorists to be more coordinated Security is higher for terrorists Mobility- reduced size of electronics, volume of goods is hard to monitor Lethality- weapons of mass destruction, distance learning through virtual jihad academy COMBATING TERRORISM
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Unformatted text preview: 1. war on terror 2. global counter terrorism network 3. law enforcement methods NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION NPT- china france Russia uk, us Nations are permitted to have possession to balance and prevent extending weapons Nuclearization- nuclear weapons acqusition Denuclearization- removing nuclear weapons Waltz theory- spread horizontally. Likelyhood of war is less with nuclear weapons because people know the power of NW Effects- blast, heat, thermal radiation and nuclear radiation. Attaining- purchase or theft for nonstate actors, extensive science. Human security- is a broadnening idea of the traditional view of national security, which is defined as protection of state Focuses on individual people Many different actors...
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