letter - Afta dat we finna do bloo footed booby birdy calls...

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Dear prosperous Maple Grove BITch, Hello this is adam and kristian and we are bored as fuck. So we decided to write you a booty call letter. We finna need da booty when we call for da booty. Afta we holla for da booty we gonna watch jd booty shake his booty. Once we see the booty we finna grab dat booty and fallacious da booty. Then after the booty call you finna let me do a line of dat booty. And den im finna motor boat dos boobies.
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Unformatted text preview: Afta dat we finna do bloo footed booby birdy calls maybe a bloo footed boobie booty call. Den some pancakes wit dat syrup booty mama. We finna preheat da booty in dat wave of micro dne we finna watch denzels booty run all obver field yellin at that gary brutier and his crippled son of a bitch paralyzed motha fuckin retarded booty....
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