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1 September 25, 2008 - Psychology 1101 G Outline – Learning 1 ****This lecture covers Gleitman Chapter 6 page 195-211*** What is learning? Depends on your purpose and perspective Could be changes in behavior Could be changed in potential for behavior Could be electrochemical/brain changes Learning is basically foundation for intelligent behavior, results from experience, and inferred based on change in behavior as a result of previous experience. Biological bases of learning (Hebbian learning) At a neurobiological level… Learning is “stored” or “created” by changes to the connections between neurons. Hebbian learning in neurons The more often neuron A fires to neuron B the more likely they are to fire together in the future. The more often the correlation of one neuron firing to other neuron the synapse gets stronger. “Classic” perspective on learning (behaviorism)
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Classical conditioning: process of associating two stimuli (instinctive, reflective) Operant conditioning: process of associating a response and its consequence. (learning) Behavioral perspective; not biological (see what people do and don’t) Predates tools to study neurobiology Learning is the foundation of all knowledge Learning is about what you do and don’t do as opposed to how your neurons change. Habituation
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11Learning1 - 1 Psychology 1101 G Outline Learning 1*This...

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