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September 18, 2008 - Psychology 1101 G Outline – Perception 1 ****This lecture covers Gleitman Chapter 5*** (Omit feature net models and the neuroscience approach.) Perception: Making Sense of Sensation Perception (definition) The process by which we select organize, integrate, and interpret sensory information to understand the world around us Steps that will determine what an object is, through color, size, and most importantly, form. So far: Physical energy transduction sensory coding Important questions in perception Where is it (i.e. the object in the environment; depth perception)? What is it doing (movement, etc)? What is it (form perception and perceptual grouping)? Attention (definition, etc.) Nevelous word (operational definition: measure attention) William James (1890) The focusing of conscious awareness. Processing detail in an “area” Both selects and suppresses environmental stimulation - Goal-directed selection : top-down, based on expectations - Stimulus-driven selection : bottom-up, based on the stimulus in the environment (e.g. loud bang) Bottom-up processing (bottom to brain) Bottom up or data driven processing is dependent upon the information in the stimulus (experience) Top-down processing (brain and down) Knowledge-driven process, which refers to the influence of expectations, goals, and knowledge on perception and information processing Change blindness/inattentional blindness Videos, not noticing something e.g. gorilla and people playing basketball video.
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psyc-2_1_perception - 1 September 18, 2008 - Psychology...

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