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psyc-2_memory - 1 October 2 7 2008 Psychology 1101 F...

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1 October 2 & 7, 2008 - Psychology 1101 F Outline – Memory 1 ****This lecture covers Gleitman Chapter 7*** Memory What we can recall. Related to learning that has persisted over time. Has multiple of forms or types and different approaches to study these types. Memory processes Acquisition (encoding): memorizing, learning. Involves forming a memory code. Storage: Maintaining encoded info in memory over time Retrieval: Recovering info from memory stores. Stage theory of memory Sensory memory Briefly retains info about a sensory experience. Duration is brief, from a few hundred milliseconds to maybe a few seconds. Capacity, how much can it hold. Likely a result of ongoing neural activity associated with the bottom-up stimulus. After I show u something, there still a trace of what u saw through neurons. Iconic memory How do we know it exists? Sperlin (1960) memory is limited (50%) recall. Cued recall of specific row (tone). Iconic memory makes you remember ~ 250 msec of what u see. Echoic memory Auditory equivalent of this phenomenon was called echoic memory. Working memory Attention s the mechanism by which info gets from sensory memory into WM Previously called short-term memory
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Holds info ur using right now Ur active mental workspace. Holding, retaining and doing our thinking. Capacity is limited; Miller said 7+- 2 items. Duration: caries, usually estimated to be around 30 sec without rehearsal Rehearsal: actively maintainin info in WM in an effort to encode the info into LTM (long term memory); w/o rehearsal, forgettin is likely. Long term memory Storage area for info not actively being used Capacity: probably unlimited - students have 80K word vocabulary - remember facts, autobiographical info, etc Duration: probably forever (with some qualifications…) 2 Dissociations Why do we think there are separate memory systems for WM and long term memory?
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