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September 4, 2008 - Psychology 1101 G Outline – Introduction to Sensation; Audition ****This lecture covers Gleitman Chapter 4 p. 119-136 Sensation (definition) Process by which physical energy in the world impinges upon (stimulates) sensory cells … one of our primary concerns will be understanding how physical energy is transduced or transformed into electrochemical signals Def’n: stimulation of sense organs Perception: selection, organization and interpretation of sensory input Receptor cells Specialized cells that translate specific forms of physical energy and into a neural impulse …receptor cells turn physical energy into a signal that the neurons in your brain can use Specialization is key: receptor cells are tuned to respond only to specific forms of energy Doctrine of specific nerve energies (Muller) Psychological experience is determines by which nerves are stimulated and not by how they’re stimulated In other words, nerves are specialized in function to transmit specific information… Ex. Rub your eyelids and you “see” flashes of colors. Touching has stimulated trumps how (rubbing vs. light) to dictate the psychological experience. Distal stimulus and proximal stimulus Distal (distant) stimulus: real object in the environment that is the source of energy resulting in stimulation Proximal (nearby) stimulus: Energy that actually impinges upon receptor cells Specialized sensory systems Visual receptor cells: light Auditory receptor cells: vibration Touch receptor cells in skin: pressure, temperature, pain Other “senses” Kinesthesis Sense of the orientation of one’s body, limbs, etc, in space
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psyc-intro_sensation_audition - September 4, 2008 -...

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